Jazz in Schools

The Vermont Jazz Center offers educational programs to students of all ages through our "Jazz in the Schools" program.

Girl learning to play drumsWe are available for concerts and workshops that can draw young audiences into the world of jazz.

Recent programs have included "Pathways to the Blues," which runs through a history of the blues in jazz and "What Style am I" where young students are exposed to various styles of jazz, from New Orleans Music to Swing to Bebop to Free Jazz.

The Vermont Jazz Center enjoys working with schools to tailor educational programs that can coincide with special projects such as geography (i.e. the music of Latin America) or history (popular music during the era of World War II).

What we offer:

  • Jazz curriculum for elementary through high school students
  • Concerts tailored to speak directly to the curriculum in practice
  • Ensemble consultants
  • Instruction on jazz appreciation, history and rhythm skills
  • Focus on the theory and practice of the improvisational process

Call us at (802) 254-9088 so that the Jazz Center can help your school create a unique and beneficial experience for the students.

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